Sunday, February 5, 2017

The home in the country

Settled back into our usual routine and normality, we resumed our 
visits to our second home. Way out in the sunny land of citrus trees, 
in the home, I like so much to photograph as light is spilling so 
seamlessly here and there. 
Join the peacefulness and the beauty of our quaint retreat, 
stepping into the yard, feeling free to unwind, clear the
 head, sharing feelings, laughter, food in intimacy. 

For this home, nestled among orange and lemon groves, I wanted
get inspiration by the moods of nature surrounding it. Without any
 current trend in mind, I have been striving to mix and match 
what we have found in this home, family heirlooms and items 
with new and time-worn findings in a carefree style.
I have taken cues from a medley of colours 
with the desire to bring nature indoors.  
That being said, there are times when I don’t recognise myself 
inasmuch as my choices overcome my initial inspiration and I think
 I went overboard with my cluttered kitchen so to speak. 
But even with guests, this home never tires us, so easy-living it is. 
A space we can feel at home in. 

Cooking and eating are big parts of our time at the vacation home. 
I personally thrive in the kitchen whether we are entertaining 
guests or feeding the family. 

Here, the essence of cooking is simplicity.

Despite what you see in the photos, this year, we are experiencing
 winter in all its intensity so far, with snowfalls, frosty roads 
and winds blowing wild and free through the trees. 
I personally marvel at that weather which 
greeted our coastal area with unexpected  phenomena.
It was an interesting sight, olive and orange tree branches with
leaves on them, heavy with so much snow. All the roof tops were 
white, and the snow was so thick in the garden! Rare and 
crazy but so beautiful!

However, I can’t wait for spring to come. So keen to feel nature
 in person, feel the earth in my hands and the sun on my face, 
be closer to the land and its magic. Routine accustoms us to be
 sedentary and I’m really happy when it comes to giving it all up 
and finding me here. 

My new bag from The Linen GardenThank you Vicky!

 I'm eagerly waiting for spring to warm and wake nature from 
its sleep. Still way too chilly and wet to be working out in the 
yard but I’m often observing the bare garden beds to spot 
signs of spring, bulbs popped up and all beautiful promises.

In the meanwhile, we take pleasure in the smell of burning 
wood until nature comes to life.
How is the new year treating you so far? 
Sending out a hug to all of you 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

For snow lovers

Way to make a grand entrance, 2017 begun with great amounts 
of snowfalls blanketing parts of our coastal region what’s not 
really typical at all. It all started through the early hours 
of Saturday morning. A sprinkling of delicate snow covered 
the fragile branches of the pine and olive trees, just a few 
kilometres from home and not above 300m of altitude.

With the mercury hitting zero, the white blanket coated
our familiar location making it bright and fresh, 
an enticing winter-wonderland. 
Fresh, puffy, powdery flakes warned us 
of what might happen…

The beginning of a snow storm is one of the most exciting 
experiences and truly unique! My daughter’s sheer enthusiasm 
was floating through the air! 
Within two or three hours, the snow storm changed all at once 
with its thick winter coat. What a pleasure to hear the crunch
 of snow beneath our feet and feel the most beautiful 
white powder falling on our cheeks and blowing over our hoods. 

With my face turning redder and redder, I pushed myself 
out of my comfort zone and brought my cup of coffee outside, 
just to enjoy the snow-saturated atmosphere and the absolute 
quiet and calm that always go along with it. 

I blinked my eyes and shook my head! 
What a miracle in front of me!
Mother nature cooperated and provided us 
a gorgeous, white day!

So, let there be white!

Close your eyes and dream your dream
Then all your wishes will be seen…

May the New Year 
sparkle like the snow under the sun,
 with endless moments of love and laughter
may your footprints lead you 
to the place you really love to be.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Capturing magic

I love the time before Christmas.
I love the smell of Christmas. 
I love being at home 
and trying to turn it out 
into a winter wonderland. 
And then, I love looking around 
through my lens. 
Capturing life, 
cosy moments, 
holding time...

There is something so magical about this time of year, 
something that includes the excitement of photography as well. 
For me. So, I discovered bokeh … A long time ago but you know, 
in a way photography is like taking you on a journey. 
If Christmas was a photography technique, it would be bokeh, 
I think. A special kind of images hiding some ethereal beauty 
and magic in them. It comes from a Japanese word meaning
haze or blur. Out of focus from where I am. 

I tried to leave my own home produce bokeh effect. 
Shooting not only the moment but also the feeling, 
some sort of emotion and those cosy vibes I’m so into! 
I’m learning to grip them 
and it’s so funny! Little snippets of everyday life could be 
really valuable if we pay more attention to them.

For the fireplace, I decided this year to do something different. 
Browsing an old edition of Country Homes, I was struck by
a hunt themed mantel reproducing wildlife.The magic of the 
forest has suddenly sunk within my soul and the idea was given!
A leather pheasant forgotten in the attic, a wooden duck brought 
from Madrid, a leaf garland and a festive bunch in a vase were 
my tools for this year Christmas creation on the fireplace.
My father used to hunt throughout his youth but since then,
nothing to do with it. Anyway...

So, you have another slice of my edited life here, how it looks 
at home now, the atmosphere, the treats, the candle lights... 
Blogging is actually precious for that; 
there are people to share things with 
and everything is getting so much better.

I'm guessing you fully enjoy this wait time until Christmas, that 
you all have something to look forward to and the sweetest moment
of the year finds you safe and happy. 
Still don't know if I'll post again before the holidays, if not, 
I'm wishing you and your families
all the blessings things of this world.

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